Why Aruba is the Perfect Place to Play

With its numerous days of bright sunshine and beautiful beaches, many people may think of the island of Aruba mainly as a place to sunbathe. However, there are also plenty of places to party here after the sun goes down. Here are some of the best options for partying on Aruba:

Eating out is a great way to start the evening. Many of the leading restaurants offer traditional Caribbean dishes such as shrimp en caco, which add a spicy flare to fresh seafood. Many of the leading hotels also offer fine dining and a mixture of both local dishes and Western favorites.

Aruba is the Perfect Place to PlayThere are plenty of large number casinos to be found all over the island for visitors to try their luck in. most of these can be found in the larger hotels on Palm Beach. A whole host of table games such as poker and roulette are available, and those who dare to bet big may stand to win a fortune.

The island also offers a wide range of other evening entertainment options. The numerous nightclubs here often pump out the latest tunes until the early hours of the morning. Among the other offerings are salsa dancing, Vegas-style shows and a range of other types of performance.

Beach parties are held regularly here, especially in the main tourist areas. Many of the main bars and clubs that line the sand host their own private parties. There are also public parties held on the sand at various times of the year for everyone to enjoy together.

Night cruises are ideal for people who want to party while exploring the area. Most boats depart around 18:00, returning to the dock just after midnight. There are also party buses, which take groups of travelers on tours of the island in the evening and provide plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle.