Take a Tour of Ecuador

The South American nation of Ecuador is an ideal destination for adventure lovers to explore. However, even the most intrepid traveler may sometimes want to take things easy for a while and travel without having to make too many plans. Expertly organized Ecuador tours take the stress out of travel, allowing visitors to focus on enjoying the experience.

Booking some sort of tour is essential for anyone who plans to spend time in the Galapagos Islands. Due to the fragile ecosystem of this picturesque place, the only way to enter is under the supervision of a qualified guide. This is by no means restrictive however, and many trips even include adventure activities.

Tour of EcuadorBooking a trip is also by far the best way to explore Ecuadorian Amazon rain forests. Trips can last from just one day to several weeks, and take visitors into the very heart of nature. Travelers will have the opportunity to witness a diverse range of flora and fauna as they make their way through the undergrowth.

Many people who want to explore this part of Ecuador choose to base themselves in Quito. Arranging day trips and other travel experiences is particularly easy here. Local companies also offer city tours and packages to major attractions such as Volcano Park.

The great thing about guided city trips is that they present a new destination is a fresh and captivating way. This is certainly the case with BaƱos, where many of the real treasures remain a mystery to independent travelers. Booking a city trip also serves as an excellent introduction to any metropolis.

Of course, this is simply a brief snapshot of some of the many trips that are available. Ecuador tours actually over all corners of the country and come in all shapes and sizes. Check out the available options today and think about which part of Ecuador strikes your fancy.