Your key to success: the cost of education in Canada vs USA

A Cost Comparison Between Education in Canada and the US

Post-secondary education is a large investment in time and money. This is a brief overview of educational costs between Canadian and American undergraduate schools.

Are you trying to decide whether to study abroad in Canada or the US? While there are benefits and drawbacks of any location, price is sometimes the final factor. Here is a handy price comparison of undergraduate schools in Canada and the US.

  1. The cost of your education in North America will vary widely based on the school you choose and on your degree program; however, you can get a sense of the cost per country by beginning with averages.
  2. In the US, an average undergraduate annual tuition rate is around $23,000 at a public university, and around $31,000 at a private institution.
  3. In Canada, the average annual tuition cost for an undergraduate program is from C$20,000 to C$30,000.
  4. On the surface, this seems like almost exactly the same average cost; however, Canada dollars do not have the same exchange rate as US dollars. Converted to US dollars, the cost of tuition in Canada is significantly less, from about $15,500 to $23,200.
  5. Always contact the schools you are considering and ask for specific information on tuition costs for international students as well as the cost per year of room and board.