Explore England in a Cultural Way

The island country of England, in the southern part of Great Britain, is just 35km from France and mainland Europe. With its illustrious past, evident in its spectacular castles and palaces, fish and chips, pubs, tea and London are all parts of its magnetic allure. When you explore England in a cultural way, you’ll discover how it became what it is. Cultural and theme tours include sightseeing of cultural places such as Buckingham Palace or going on a photography walking tour of the Chelsea Flower Show laid on by the country’s top horticulturists. With a cultural tour, you have access to what would usually be inaccessible.

shutterstock_338262506Pub Life to Oxford

When you explore England in a cultural way, no interest is beyond the tour organisers. Plenty of research goes into designing a fabulous cultural programme, from showing how the pub is an important part of British life to visiting Oxford and gleaning knowledge of some of the scholars who have studies there. Cultural tours always guarantee you benefit from in-depth knowledge from your professional tour guide. When you read more on theschoolcreativecentre.co.uk you have access to a creative hub of programmes and activities for adults and children, and away from pub life, London is full of must-see cultural sights, from Buckingham Palace to St Paul’s Cathedral and many others.

Take in as Much as You Want

Cultural tours can be 1 day long or longer and then accommodation is included. From Stonehenge and its fascinating rocks on Salisbury Hill to seeing where Charles Dickens wrote, to visiting Stratford-upon-Avon where Shakespeare was born, there are so many cultural activities to enjoy. There are many interactive, exciting museums to visit such as the Sherlock Holmes Museum, live theatre at West End to enjoy or simply taking time out in Hyde Park and watching how the locals take time out to relax. England is a record, a testimony to mans abilities to contribute so much to its illustrious history, and cultural tours show you what inspired them.